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Izikall is a service that allows the customer to load the mobile wallet of a friend, a family member or simply a mobile account that a customer has opened with an operator in his country of residence or with a mobile phone, foreign. It is an online service that the customer accesses on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
Any major or legal person (companies, institutions, ...) who can prove their identity must be able to use izikall to recharge a mobile wallet.
Unless local laws prohibit it, by the day we are not aware of that, izikall is accessible from any country. If you are having trouble using the izikall service, then contact us: Contact.
In order to comply with the in force European regulations, notably as the transfer of recharge is similar to a transfer of money. Izikall could be able to provide the surname, first name (s) and the proof of identity of a customer for one or more transactions, in the event of an injunction from the competent authorities.
To provide us with your full name and date of birth, you may use a valid passport, a valid national identity card, a valid driver's license, a valid residence card or any other official document proving your identity.
The documents must be fully legible, the photo clear enough (choose a good resolution) and the expiration date apparent. To download an ID or update your Account, go to Register.
Izikall is an online service. You can purchase your request for recharging a mobile account with a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card. Payment is secure and we do not store your credit card data. We will add other means of payment as we go along. However, the payment by cash is not allowed.
You can send communication credit securely. Our website and applications are under the up to date protection means. To do this, we use SSL to create an encrypted https channel that ensures that your computer, tablet or smartphone communicates exclusively with izikall as soon as the connection to our system has been authenticated. Our partners who process the information on your credit card also implements these drastic security rule.
The fees charged vary according to the operator, the offer and the amount of the recharge. They are disclosed in the credit recharging process.
As long as you have not validated the payment, you can cancel any transaction.
As you must enter the recipient's mobile phone number twice, you do not risk to go wrong and send the recharge to a wrong number. If your two entries are concordant and you validate the transaction, the transfer is made and you can not claim the credit refund.
As soon as it comes to money and communication credit, some malicious but particularly cunning people use solutions like izikall to ask them to pay money against the promise of a large sum, an inheritance or even of a miraculous donation. We take care to avoid this kind of scams on our site; But it is first of all you who must not, under any pretext, send communication credits to people you do not know personally.
If, despite all your precautions, you think you have been abused by a malicious person, contact the nearest police station and ask for the service in charge of cybercrime which will surely help you.
You are informed in real time of the processing of your credit recharge request. You and the recipient will receive a notification by e-mail and by SMS informing you that the payment has been sent. You both will receive a second notification when the recharge arrives on the recipient mobile phone.If you have any questions regarding any specific transaction, contact us: Contact.
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