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In just a few seconds, from a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, topup your families and friends mobile on about 400 networks in 120 countries. TopUp Now.

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Why you use izikall mobile topup?

By sending remittance to loved ones we share the same values!

Our mobile topup combines three values we have in common.


Mutual Aid


Everywhere, we help our customers to topup a mobile in confidence in order to help families and friends abroad. More ›


Who launches izikall mobile topup?

As a migrant, I show to my loved ones abroad my affection and my presence, in simple and everyday gestures, attention and mutual aid. The rapid development of mobile services and the economy of sharing, allowed me to design izikall to meet these needs. Recharging a mobile or more in coming months, are part of these services I can use and offer to as many people as possible . Olivier S.

Why we launched a mobile topup?

Our value proposition is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from a service :

  • Modern : avalaible anywhere, anytime and from any electronic device..
  • Secure : The topup process is 100% secured by SSL protocol.

We help our clients to share a little of their ressources without braking the budget :

  • To maintain strong links with loved ones!
  • To give help to those who need it, as for many, phoning is far than luxury; it is a necessity, somtimes vital to call a doctor, alert on a major risk...

Why you'll choose IZIKALL for TopUp?

As you, the designers of IZIKALL have relatives and friends who are far away.
  • They know better than anyone that a recharge is much more efficient than sending money.
  • They have designed a simple, efficient and affordable service everywhere for reaching recipients in nearly 120 countries.
  • IZIKALL is fast, 100% secure and available on smartphone, tablet and deskstop.
  • Transaction fees are affordable and displayed during the topup process.
As experts in telecommunications, fintech and digitalized services, we gathered the best of our know-how to solve your need to topup a loved one's mobile.
24/7 we commit to do our best to help and answer your requests.

TopUp Now.


La Recharge des portables.

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